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Climate Research Data Package (CRDP) - Data info and access

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Note that the GHG-CCI project finished in mid 2018. Updated versions of the GOSAT and IASI Level 2 and SCIAMACHY and GOSAT merged Level 2 (EMMA) and Level 3 (Obs4MIPs) CO2 and CH4 producs are now generated in the framework of the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S). The new data products are available via the C3S Climate Data Store (CDS)

The GHG-CCI data products are typically updated once per year and the corresponding data sets are called Climate Research Data Package (CRDP). The latest version is CRDP#4 released in March 2017 covering the time period 2003-2015.

To register to access our data please click HERE.

To login and download our data products and to obtain all relevant documentation click here (do NOT use the "User login" top right - it will NOT work):

-> GHG-CCI Data Products Main Website.

Data download procedure: